Jyotish Digest Oct 2009



Sanjay Rath
The Yoga System
Swami Krishnananda
Concept of Bhavottama
G.K. Goel
Mātaṅgī: A Writeup
Visti Larsen & Andrew Foss
Jyotish Basics Illustrated
O. D. Mande
Book Review

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Jyotish News
Astrology and Politics: Washington’s New Odd Couple
Surya Shasthi Puja – The Worship of Sun God
Is Your Star Shining?
ANS, Astrologers Stake Counterclaim
Seers Stick By Poll Pundits
Astro Hocus Pocus Will Remain, Says Chief Minister Ashok Chavan
NASA Mission to Study Moon’s Fragile Atmosphere

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