Jyotish Digest July 2009 (Digital)



Mani Praväla Yoga
Sanjay Rath
Anger of the Serpents
Freedom Tobias Cole
An Alternative to the Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra
Swee Chan
Planetary Intervention: Argala
Steve Hubball
Jyotish Miscellany & Life Realities
Anurag Sharma
The Baisakhi Birth Time of Guru Nanak
Sat Siri Khalsa

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Jyotish News
What Hit Jupiter?
Astrology 101: Are There any Young Astrologers?
Stars Back in Alignment in Arizona Republic’s Astrology Column
Astrology is alive and thriving in the 21st century, the Return of the Magi
Supernatural Thailand
A Letter to the Financial Times
AOL India Launches Astrology Channel
An Anxious London Flocks to Psychics
Spiritual Arts Fair set at UU

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