Jyotish Digest Oct 2008



The Jyotish News

Obama Horoscope

Good Luck Shoes

Coes aware of magnetic north

The Secret Layer of the sun

Messenger Returns of Mercury

Living with a Star

Is Astrology a Science?

Bugs in your iphone?Blame Mercury

How Round is the Sun?

Astrology in Libararies

Reports of market Losses Don’t equate to loss cash

Astrology on Mobile Phones/SMS

Athena’s prediction come home to roost

Sula Chakra by Sanjay Rath

Cosmic Intelligence by Steve Hubbell

Ganita by Visti Larsen

D-Charts by G.K. Goel

RSI Durvasa by Nimisha Khatri

Book review by Sanjay Prabhakaran

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