Jyotish Digest Apr 2008



The Jyotish News

The vanishing Rings of Saturn

Avalanches on Mars

Surprises from Mercury

Total Lunar Eclipse

Somanath Templs

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Mahasamandhi on Masa shiva Ratri

Ancient Peruvian Temple – Lost Civilization

Muhurtha Explorer

Secret of the Stone Henge

Miracle at Dunkirk

Charlton Heston

Political Snippets

Kosovo Independence

Fidel Castro

Obama is the stronger Venus

Vujanovic wins Montenergro elections

Pakistan Part 2 by Sanjay Rath

Scuba Diver Jon Miller by Michal Dziwulski

Simhasana Yoga by Branka Larsen

The Navamsa by Visti Larsen

Divisional Understanding (Jagannath Hora 7.1) by Sanjay Prabhakaran

Saturn Mantras by Visti Larsen

Niger by Sanjay Rath

Veda and Jyotish by Mladen Lubura

Chart Analysis by Anurag Sharma



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