Jyotish Digest Oct 2010



Serial Killers 8
Pt. Sanjay Rath
Kenya Votes on New Constitution 20
Visti Larsen
Turkey and Solar Eclipse 34
Vijaya Subramanian
Jātaka pārijata 4 37
Branka Larsen
The Vishnu Purana 4 45
B. Lakshmi Ramesh
A Relook at Planetary Aspects 63
O. D. Mande
Shri Varahi Devi 66
Mike Magee

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Jyotish News
Keep eyes on Titan Industries: Astromoneyguru 2
Find About a Mystical Scientific Astrologer?? 3
Astrology & Horoscopes – Why People Love Astrology 3
Pluto goes forward: Conservatives Gain Power 4
Amazing World 6

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