Crux of Vedic Astrology


Subtitle: Timing of Events
Author: Sanjay Rath
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Published: 1998

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The vedic dasa system is the most potent predictive tool for an astrologer. The golden key to deciphering the correct dasa for a chart is missing. In this book the dasas have been classified and their basis of computation explained. The astrological tools like argala, arudha etc have been employed to bring forth their applicability, method of timing events. Specific details on timing of death, renunciation etc have also been explained. The book gives a detailed explanation of the use of the various tools of vedic astrology including sudarshan chakra, narayana dasa, su-dasa for timing wealth, drig dasa for timing renunciation , shoola dasa for timing death, and various other predictive tools. Guarded secrets of vedic astrology on timing the exact date of death have been revealed for the first time (called rath’s rules in the memory of late pundit jagannath rath grandfather of sanjay rath and jyotish ratna of orissa, india). Various other secrets like the use of divisional charts have been given with fine illustrations.

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