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JSP Year-1 Archives

vyasa01Archives of Jaimini Scholar Program | Year-1

This archive of the Jaimini Scholar Program is available only for members of the JSP India to facilitate their study and certification. It is not open for the public or for any other purpose.

Warning: Any payments made without the prior approval of the JSP Mentors will be refused entry access to these archives. Accounts created at Archive Website will be deleted without any explanation unless they have the prior approval of the JSP India Mentors. Further, only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.

This payment page is primarily for JSP Students of the JSP-India Mentors who are living in India

JaiminiLogoThe Jaimini Scholar Program (JSP) is perhaps, the greatest and most detailed jyotiṣa study available on this planet. It is no mean feat to study this in depth and finally get certified after facing the viva-voce. This program was conceptualised and taught in the traditional manner by Pt. Sanjay Rath at Almora and Bhimtal, Himalayas. Perhaps someday in the future, a proper documentation of the program shall be made and till such time, we do not wish to hold back on the aspirants who wish to learn this great knowledge from the paraṁparā.