SJC West Coast Conference: Sunnyvale, CA 2005




Atmakarka Kendradi

Research in Medical Astrology

Vedha: Obstacles & Problems in Career  

Recitation of Mantras in Jyotish                                 

Prescribing Mantras as Remedial Measures

Nava Tara & Chakra Energetics

Conflicts & Battles

Ashtakavarga: Confronting Challenges in Predictions

The Navamsa Advanced Perspectives   

Kemadruma: Poverty & Financial Obstacles              

Enemies & Shatrupada    

Introduction to Longevity in Jyotish

Litigations & Legal Conflicts

Venus: Conflicts & Problems in Relationships & Relationship Case Studies

Upapada & Relationship Issues

Numerology & Jyotish

Medical Astrology Workshop & Auto Immune Diseases

Mrtyupada & its Implications  

Audio DVD also includes associated conference materials

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